1) ADJ: ADJ n You use prior to indicate that something has already happened, or must happen, before another event takes place.

He claimed he had no prior knowledge of the protest...

The Constitution requires the president to seek the prior approval of Congress for military action...

For the prior year, they reported net income of $1.1 million.

2) ADJ: ADJ n A prior claim or duty is more important than other claims or duties and needs to be dealt with first.

The firm I wanted to use had prior commitments.

3) N-COUNT; N-TITLE A prior is a monk who is in charge of a priory or a monk who is the second most important person in a monastery.
4) PHR-PREP If something happens prior to a particular time or event, it happens before that time or event. [FORMAL]

In the car industry, the August sales will involve a build up of stocks prior to this date...

A man seen hanging around the area prior to the shooting could have been involved.


English dictionary. 2008.


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